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business analysis and product check-up services

online business analysis

business analysis

Many businesses have little idea about their online market potential and continue to focuson their offline sales. Some focus on highly competitive markets and struggle every day to survive. Others, spend enormous budgets to win small niches that are not financially viable. Online Business Analysis would help them to tackle this head on, and can take the form of following services:

business analysis

Keyword research

Keywords are the compass for any online marketing campaign. Thorough keyword research from the team at BRN includes an assessment of what terms and phrases competitors are using, and identifying specific keyword choices that are likely to resonate well with your intended audience.

Competition Analysis

In terms of SEO, awareness of your competitors includes an analysis of how they are engaging with the same audience. Competition analysis extends to identifying opportunities for engagement missed by your competitors.

Market Analysis

The purpose of market analysis is to dive into the specifics of those who interested in what you have to offer, often based on geographic location. A thorough analysis by the experienced SEO staff at BRN includes a look at the pros and cons of expanding into new or untapped markets.

check-up of your system

Everybody knows about system performance issues, but almost nobody notices the damage they cause. Are you satisfied with the security level, quality and stability of your applications? Only a proper Check-up of your system can help to find the right answer to that question.

System performance Analysis

Our expertise with system performance analysis and system testing allows us to provide a wide range of technology assessments that you can use to make confident investment and development decisions.

Functional Testing

Our approach to functional testing is a complete technical takeover that includes a thorough analysis of the complete functionality of your system. Applications are evaluated from both the product and developer perspective to verify that all functional requirements have been met – and if this isn’t the case, we will detail what has to be done to correct deficiencies.

Comprehensive Software quality Assurance

By understanding client requirements, we are able to perform an evaluation that takes functional logic, data handling, and coding into account to
identify possible defects from different perspectives. During the software quality assurance process, we will assess all aspects of functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency and overall adaptability by:
• Setting up an appropriate testing environment
• Reviewing codes for each application
• Setting up each application locally
• Determining architectural and technical dependencies

System Testing

Applications and services will be objectively assessed, independent from your in-house development efforts. You will have the opportunity to specify any particular operations that you would like to have checked, so our analysis can be focused on what matters most to you:

• Understanding of your hosting and configurations
• Checking the deployment of each of your applications
• Reviewing existing monitoring and logging implementations

Load Testing

An essential part of system performance analysis is load testing to determine how a system will behave under normal conditions and peak load times. It is a process that includes deliberately inducing failures to pinpoint breaking points and analyze risks. This type of stress testing will allow you to determine how far a system can be pushed and how to prepare for the unexpected.

user opinion

business analysis

Software-dependant companies very often fail even after a proper business analysis and market positioning. It happens because of sponsors and managers dictating their personal wishes in terms of product features and user interfaces. They strongly but wrongly believe that they know what is the right feature to build without even asking for the opinion of the people who actually use that software product. User opinion is the key to determine strengths and weaknesses of the system. Correctly organized user survey, can tell us what needs to be done to increase sales and achieve success.

usability testing

Customized usability Tests

To make sure your website, mobile app or another digital product meets user expectations, we organize costeffective usability tests. Whether in the form of a live experience or in the early wireframe stage, we will develop a thorough understanding of the technology that needs to be tested during the initial consultation. We’ll assemble a team to perform the testing, draft a survey for your approval and provide the attention to detail necessary to deliver reliable results.

Focus Group and Critical path

User testing is only effective when the website or product is viewed through the eyes of the intended user. We will select appropriate participants based on your intended audience. It is a process that involves diving into your demographics to develop a solid understanding of who your average
user is likely to be, which provides more accurate test results. We will guide you through the user testing process while paying attention to the conversion-dependant steps and any other features or uses that are especially important to you. Factors typically considered include:
• Your business objectives and goals
• User expectations and experiences
• User-specific features, such as navigation

Clear Findings, Clear recommendations

After all testing is completed, we will provide an easy-to-digest report that covers important details, such as whether or not users are able to take
each of the intended actions. The provided insights include:
• User feedback
• Participant counts and other metrics
• Recommendations from experts

testing before investing

Determining the necessary improvements too late is one of the main reasons why certain applications never reach their potential and get easily beaten by competitors. Late changes on a software product can be very complex, time consuming and expensive. The only way to avoid, or at least minimize this risk, is testing before investing on development.

Save Time and Money with rapid prototyping

Our mission is to save our clients time and money by determining if a working idea is viable without a long, drawn out product development
process. We start by creating an app mockup and GUI design that will serve as the backbone for further analysis of the concept. Our interactive mockups will help identify layout issues at a point where adjustments can easily be made without significantly adding to costs.

Interactive prototypes

Our approach to app prototype creation is thorough and meticulous. You will have access to an online interactive prototype that defines how the end product will function, and helps to determine what further adjustments may be necessary. Our prototyping process usually includes:
• Research & benchmarking on similar products
• Analysis of overall product functionality
• Creating a navigation map
• Storyboarding
• Interactive prototyping
• Preparation of documentation and files for the further development

usability Testing

The prototype will be tested with detailed usability testing on a special focus group to determine how the design will work for future users. Final presentation will include any adjustments that were necessary or requested, along with related documentation and clarification of technical specifications. You will also receive a style guide specifying the design language used to make the further development fast and easy.

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