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digital product consulting

business analysis

Many people have groundbreaking ideas for applications that could change the world, yet most of them just don’t have enough knowledge and experience to build them. They have very limited resources and want to know how to build their software in the most efficient way. Byron Consulting helps them to turn their vision into a real product and offers affordable Digital Product Consulting to show the smartest way to do it.

Everyday we help our clients to determine how to reach the highest possible number of online shoppers and mobile app users. You’ll have the ability to conveniently access our online consulting services to get the solutions you need.

Defining processes

In most cases, the chance of failure is reduced to a minimum by just following the right product development process. Our team of business development and IT experts providing consulting services, will help you define the right operational steps to achieve the defined business targets.

software development

We help you to turn your concept into a product that is both functional and unique. You will have access to an application development consultant who will fine-tune your vision and provide the insights you need to meet user expectations by:

• Evaluating your existing design concept
• Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes
• Understanding the needs of your users

online marketing

The positioning associated with your digital product is just as important as the product itself. An online marketing consultant will help you develop a compelling narrative that clearly tells your product story in a way that’s relatable to your intended audience.


While setting new business goals, managers find that software and processes need to be adapted. However, they usually struggle to assemble a clear effective plan. Byron Consulting helps businesses to create an executable roadmap for the necessary tech- and operational steps to achieve the defined business goals.

A talented team of experts that includes a software development specialist, online marketing consultant and a product manager is prepared to transform your digital product into an appealing, marketable reality. Byron Consulting can determine the optimum path to reach business goals, and will present this as an estimated set of projects summarized in a single RoadMap.

building a successful strategy

Product development is a process that extends to consideration of product competition, messaging, marketing, and analysis of the product business model. From balancing your design against what is feasible with the available technology, to identifying and hitting key benchmarks, we build a logical, comprehensive strategy tailored to your goals. This process usually includes:

• Testing product expectations with real users
• Comprehensive analysis of your intended market
• Setting KPIs and other relevant metrics
• Defining necessary IT development, marketing and
operational steps
• Estimation and prioritizing of the defined steps
A RoadMap delivered by Byron Consulting will serve you as a step-by-step guide, including both strategic and operational steps for taking your business to the next level.

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