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The hiring process is: fast, flexible, non bureaucratic

The HR costs are: Way cheaper than on your local market

The candidate’s motivation is: super high

how does it work?

1. Answer some questions about your company
2. Select the profile-categories based on your teams’ requirements
3. Our platform matches the right candidates with your company &
we send you a choice of candidates, tailored to your needs
5. You select the right person for your team & interview her/him.

Talented young people all around the world are dreaming of an opportunity to gain experience in an innovative international company. Very often they have no chance because they are not located within reach of any technological or industrial hub.

Despite their remote location, they are super motivated to gain experience at a company such as yours.
A lot of these people have lower salary standards and as they’re remote, their monthly cost is often 5 times lower than a local intern/junior.

Book your new remote junior team member through the platform and avoid any bureaucratic paperwork.

what are you waiting for?